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Frequently Asked Questions

We are guessing you have some questions bothering you. Or why else would you be reading this now? Of course, we’re always available to take your questions.

But for convenience, we’ve curated some questions that most homeowners ask while working with us. Please do not hesitate to call us if this FAQ doesn’t answer your question.

Q: Why should I sell to a local Delaware Investor rather than through an agent?

A: We’re glad you asked! Being a real estate investor means we purchase houses at a discounted price to make a profit. Owners trust our services because we can influence the closing date to make it quick.

Selling to us is like slicing butter with a hot knife! You don’t need to fix up, make your house market ready or get realtors. All you need to do is call, and we’ll get things underway. Is your home a rental property? We don’t mind!

Q: Do you offer fair prices for houses?

A: We aim to make about 10-15% profit on a home after making repairs. Transaction costs like carrying expenses, repair, maintenance, gain, etc., affect our offer. Our deals are unconditional and without any commitments. Please, do contact us for a quote. We can’t say no to your request for a cash offer! But despite our excitement to work with you, we won’t pressure you into accepting.

Q: How do you decide on the price of your offer?

A: For starters, you must have heard the word ARV thrown around in real estate. But for clarity, it means the value of a property when it’s undergone repairs. If the fixes are perfectly done, the ARV is the value your house will sell for in the market. We get the ARV after subtracting the repair costs, carrying costs, etc. Hence, since repairs are a vital factor in a cash offer, our simple formula is 70% (30% for transaction costs and profits) of the ARV – repairs cost.

Q: Do you charge fees or commissions?

A: We are unique for several reasons; our zero commission practice is one of the most popular. Sell Your House Fast Delaware doesn’t take commissions or fees; our quote is final. Hence, all the cash we pay goes into your pocket– you won’t spend a dime. Not even on closing costs.

Q: What Should I Do If My House Is In Terrible Condition? Will You Buy It?

A: We’ll buy your home in any condition. The more demo work, the better! We love making modifications and remodeling a rundown house into something admirable. After we fix the house, we’ll flip it! Indeed, a new family would enjoy our effort.

Q: What differentiates you from a real estate agent?

A: Realtors struggle to get you the best possible market bid. When they list your property on MLS, they keep showings for potential buyers to check out the house. Their services cost about 3-6% of the sale price. The whole process could last for 3 to 6 months in the best case scenario. A buyer can pull out of the house sale that doesn’t suit their taste during inspection or if they fail to secure funding. In such cases, you’d have to start all over again and find another top-tier offer. That sounds like quite the hassle!

So, why not sell it to a direct buyer who can guarantee a sale? We can help you eliminate the burden of selling to a realtor, paying commissions, and enduring showings. As investors, we can complete the deal FAST!

Q: What happens when I submit my information?

A: Someone from our team with contact you immediately we get your mail. You can discuss your situation over a phone call. We’ll discuss your house, evaluate the current state and draft an offer. After that, it’s left to you to decide. Once you accept our bid, we’ll close the home sale at a title firm.