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Sell Your House Fast Delaware – How We Buy Houses

We Buy Houses Delaware In Any Condition. Best part? With one click, you can get a reasonable cash offer. No commissions to pay, nor do you need a realtor. In addition, our selling process is smooth, so you can effortlessly sell your house.


    We buy any house in EVERY CONDITION in Delaware. Get a quick and honest all-cash offer now! Complete the form below or call us at (302) 330-7900.

    How Our Buying Method Works

    step 1

    We’ll acquire all necessary property info from you.

    step 2

    Set up a meeting at your convenience to review property details

    step 3

    You’ll get an honest all-cash offer with no-obligation whatsoever.

    step 4

    Close in 7 days and get paid in cash


    How Fast Our Process is: We’ll inform you how much we can pay for your home within a day by sending you a fair cash offer when we receive your home address. In most cases, your cash offer arrives in your mail after 8 minutes! We would request some property pictures which show your home’s condition clearly. If you don’t mind, we’d also love to check it out in person to review our details. When you accept our bid, we’ll get to closing. You’ll get your cash in 3-30 days. If you have questions about our process, read some faqs here.

    sell your house the easy way

    Selling Your House Can’t Get Easier

    We buy homes all over Delaware. We don’t list houses on the MLS because we aren’t real estate agents. Sell Your House Fast Delaware is a cash buyer investor company that buys houses directly. We close quickly because we work with cash and skip the hassle of finding a buyer. When you collaborate with us, your entire cash offer goes straight into your pocket. There are no demands for commissions, closing costs, or repairs. 

    Selling to us is the complete opposite of selling through a realtor. We purchase houses in their current state without requesting any repairs. Despite buying distressed properties, we’ll still finalize the sales speedily. Do you have a hoarder property? We’ll send you a reasonable offer and pay you after closing. 

    How We Purchase Houses.

    Our home buying process works in three simple stages. First, you’ll get a well-drafted quotation (Obtaining our cash offer is simple!) Then We’ll buy your home. No agents. No fees. No repairs. That’s how we manage to sell properties in 3 easy steps.

    We expect that you’d have some critical questions about our buying process. This could include how we work and how we buy homes for cash. 

    Below, you’ll find some of our frequently asked questions

    You can access the answers to these questions by scrolling down…

    we buy any house and we close fast - for sale and sold

    How does our purchasing process work?

    We created a simple process that exempts the hassle of selling through a realtor. With this method, we can buy your house in whatever condition without hassling you with repairs. Here’s a more explicit explanation of how we purchase homes.

    That’s all you need to know about getting our reasonable cash offer!

    ugly home

    What factors informs your cash offer?

    We have an expert team that understands real estate’s basics and depth, especially how to create an accurate offer. Knowing your home is of utmost importance to you, we strive to make you the best possible offer. 

    To achieve this, our team might need some vital details like:


    Your answer to these questions helps in drafting a picture-perfect quote. We always treat each property independently because we believe houses are different. So, we’ll consider your house’s location, style, and condition while preparing an offer. 


    What is the formula for calculating your quote?

    A million question crops up when you want to sell your home. But the top on the list is “how much is my house worth?” If you are considering selling your home to us, you probably want an answer to that question immediately. Well,  you are about to find out. But we must explain how we prepare cash offers before addressing how much we can afford to pay for your property. 

    Our Home Purchasing Formula

    First off, we have a formula that simplifies our offer drafting procedure. The formula has 4 vital components that we need to explain briefly. But first, the formula is:




    ARV is an acronym for After Repair Value. This term means the value of your home when it’s in perfect condition. It means the price your home is worth when it doesn’t need repairs or deferred maintenance.


    Repairs on a distressed house are subjective. You never know what to expect. For instance, you may discover plumbing issues while fixing a bathroom. Or a cracked foundation while upgrading the flooring of a house. We inspect homes thoroughly before buying to ensure we reduce risk and make a great offer. When we are confident about our repairs, we can offer more services. In the worst case, we’ll make room for “maybes” in our quote.

    Transaction Costs

    There are several kinds of transaction costs. An example is the Loan fees that we pay lenders. It amounts to 2-5% of the entire renovation costs, including loan origination fees and interest-only monthly installments. Therefore, the total transaction cost is often about 15% of the total cost.

    Minimum Profit

    Of course, we must make some profit to support our families and boost our marketing efforts. Although we don’t have a fixed profit margin, we aim for 15%. It wouldn’t hurt if we veer off-budget and make a 10% profit instead. However, we tread cautiously while handling figures. With one mistake, we can lose our gains to an unforeseen circumstance. Even though we’ve made peace with not knowing the precise estimate for repairs, we try to be careful. It is risky to have extra costs sneak up on you, but our 15% profit is a welcome respite from the fear of an unexpected expense. 

    Your Cash Offer

    Our transaction cost and minimum profit totals 30%. Therefore, our cash offer formula: ARV – 30% – Repairs = Cash offer, is an easy approach to getting an honest quote. Our team prepares the offer judiciously to ensure it’s precise. Hence, our offer remains the same from the beginning of the transaction till it’s finalized. What you see is what you get in cash! We’ll pay all costs, and you walk away with your money. That’s the beauty of selling to a cash buyer.


    What details affect your home purchase?

    How long does it take you to buy a house?

    Our proactiveness helps us close fast. We predict issues and tackle them before they cause setbacks. So, closing fast is never an issue! We go the extra mile to ensure we finalize sales ASAP!

    We start working on closing after you accept our offer. Our team will compile everything the title organization requires. At this point, we’ll address every issue as it comes. We will also try to fish out potential issues to avoid any drawbacks in closing fast.

    The reputable title company will evaluate your property title to ensure it’s transferable and clear. We need to correct any title problems before proceeding with the transactions. We’ll also obtain our funding and visit the property.


    This is probably your favorite part! Finally, we’ll finalize the sale and pay you cash! The whole process could take 7 days. However, title-related concerns can increase the transaction timeline to between 10 and 28 days. 

    Contact us now for your free all-cash offer!