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Privacy policy – Sell Your House Fast Delaware

What kinds of information do we gather?

We gather your information when you sign up for our newsletter or submit your property details. Using Google Analytics, we’ll collect info like your operating system, IP address, and browser type. This formation helps us improve our user experience and has nothing to do with revealing your personal information. 

Want to learn more about Google Analytics? Click here.

You may be asked to submit your name, email address, phone number, address, etc., on our website. But feel free to browse our website without submitting personal information. 

However,  if Sell Your House Fast Delaware gets sold or acquired by another company, we’ll share your info with them. In such a case, we will inform you about the transfer of data and a new policy. 

What will we do with your data?

All data we obtain from you would be used in any of the following ways:

  • Make Transactions- We won’t send, trade, or disclose your data to any third-party business for any reason besides to deliver your purchased goods or services.
  • Send emails frequently- Your email will serve as a communication means for responding to your queries or other questions.

Does our company share any personal data with anyone?

Your data won’t be sold, traded, or transmitted to any eternal company.  However, this excludes some third-party companies who help us operate our website and assist in delivering the best services. 

But we always make them promise to protect your information. We can also reveal your data if it helps law enforcement or is necessary to protect people, their rights, and property.

Additionally, we can share non-personally identifiable visitors’ information with a third party for advertisement, marketing, or other business-related purposes.

Links to other websites

At our discretion, you may have access to third-party services or products on our site. Such external parties’ websites might have privacy policies particular to their brands. Consequently, we won’t take responsibility for any behavioral differences or content on their websites. But regardless, we’d love to maintain our website’s authenticity, so we are open to complaints about these sites. 


External service providers hired by us will only share and use your information as it’s necessary to perform all services we require. We’d rather the service providers have privacy policies particular to them, but we can’t guarantee that. Hence, we suggest you read their privacy policy to learn how these providers manage your private information. 

These third-party providers could be established in or have other companies in a different jurisdiction from yours or ours. Therefore, the jurisdiction laws particular to their locations may apply to your information. Note that our privacy policy stops protecting your data when you get redirected to a third-party site. 


Sell Your House Fast Delaware uses re-marketing tracking tools from external vendors. These cookies enable us to deliver adverts to you across the internet. This means we can show your advertisement on the internet, including on Facebook, Google Content Network (GCN), and Google Adsense Users. These ads aim to entice you to our site, where we intend to covert our lead (you). Converting means buying a product, submitting a form, or taking any action that the website considers a performance-based indicator. 

Of course, we’d never take your privacy for granted. Nor do we collect your personally identifiable information with Google or any external re-marketing tech as we often do.

We allow third-party companies to personalize ads handpicked to suit our users. They could also use information about user actions on our website with cookies and other technologies. In addition, we may use tools like Google’s re-marketing target-oriented services attuned to your past usage of our site.

Google Ads are used on this website.

This site uses the Google ads remarketing tool to focus on past visitors to our website on third-party sites (especially Google). We have also targeted previous users who haven’t performed any action on our websites, like submitting a question or form. It might be through Google Display or Google search results. The external service providers use cookies to deliver ads based on your past visits to the Sell Your House Fast Delaware website. Any data collected would be used in accordance with our privacy policy and Google’s. 

The Online Privacy Protection Act is being followed.

We take necessary actions to ensure that we comply with the online privacy protection act because we respect your privacy. As a result, we will not divulge your personal info to third parties without your permission. 

Information about yourself, your finances, and your real estate

We are a real estate company. Consequently, some information is instrumental to resolving your realty problems. This data could be your contact details, property information, and in rare cases, financial data to help analyze your property and condition.  We’ll use your information diligently and never share it with anyone unless necessary to resolve a problem. 

Privacy Policy For Online

Our privacy policy doesn’t apply to information collected offline. 

New Privacy Policy

We’ll post about any form of modification on this page.

How to contact us?

You can contact us on our page if you have any questions about our policy.

–Sell your House Fast Delaware